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Looking to get help with Brother printer setup this is the place where you will get answer for this issue, this is the most common problem faced by Brother Printer users. Let’s discuss about the options to install Brother Printer on windows computer,

  1. Install Brother Printer with USB connection.
  2. Install Brother wireless Printer with USB connection.
  3. Setup Brother wireless Printer without USB.
Brother Printer Solutions

Install Brother USB Printer with solutions.brother.com/windows :

  1. Assemble your Brother Printer and connect to computer via USB cable.
  2. Turn ON your brother Printer and computer.
  3. Now it will start Brother Printer Setup automatically.
  4. Once setup completed your Brother Printer will work fine.
  5. Latest Brother Printer won’t install itself so you need to visit solutions.brother.com/windows, enter your Brother printer model and download latest and updated drivers for Brother Printer.
  6. Open downloaded setup file and follow on screen instructions to complete setup.  
  7. Once setup will complete check Printer connection with test print.

Brother Wireless Printer Setup with USB:

When this with option C. this is the easiest option to install Brother Printer drivers for windows 10, you just need to follow below given instructions.

  1. Turn ON your computer and Printer then connect both with USB cable.
  2. Insert Brother Printer Drivers CD in computer and open driver file then select install Brother wireless Printer with USB.
  3. Now you do not have CD driver in laptop or computer, no need to worry visit solutions.brother.com/windows official website.
  4. Here you need to enter your Brother Printer model then select your operating system to get latest and updated Brother Printer drivers for windows 10.
  5. Double click on Brother Wireless Printer setup file then select install wireless Printer without USB option.
  6. Click on all positive options like yes allow and accept.
  7. Once you see setup completed successfully, remove the USB cable and check wireless Printer connection with test print.

Install Brother wireless Printer without USB cable from solutions.brother.com/windows :

This method is not easy like other setup methods for Brother Printer, you need to follow carefully all the given instructions.

  1. Locate the WPS button on your WIFI router, turn ON your computer and Printer.
  2. To install Brother Printer without CD visit Brother Printer official website and download the drivers as per your operating system.
  3. The installation process will start once you open Brother Printer drivers file.
  4. Select install wireless Printer without USB option.
  5. After few clicks you need to press WPS button on your WIFI router, now within 2 minutes you need to press OK button on your Printer.
  6. Once you see connection successful screen, confirm it with test print.
  7. Router do not have WPS button then you need to open your Printer settings from Printer screen.
  8. Select wireless connection option and locate your WIFI network then click on it and enter pass key.
  9. It will connect your Printer to your WIFI router.
  10. On your Printer open control panel and select add Printer it will search for your WIFI Printer, select Printer and press next.
  11. Now your Printer will connect to your Printer.

Note: Make sure your Printer and your computer both are connected within same wireless connection.

How to connect Brother Printer to WIFI?

This is the most difficult question to solve that how to connect Brother Printer to WIFI. In this post we will guide you with all necessary steps which requires you in setup Brother Printer to WIFI.

Now lets help you with Brother Printer wireless setup wizard

  1. Make sure your computer is connected with wireless router and you have correct WIFI password with you.
  2. Turn ON your Printer and Computer.
  3. Press Windows+R to open run command, type control then press Enter.
  4. In Control panel window click on add Printer option.
  5. Now select your Printer from list to start MFC Brother wireless Printer setup wizard.
  6. If it won’t install your Printer then insert driver disc to installing a Brother wireless Printer drivers.
  7. If you do not have driver disc then see below.

Brother Printer installation without CD

To proceed with Brother Printer wireless setup without CD, follow given instructions. 

  1. Make sure you have working Internet connection on your PC.
  2. To download Brother Printer Wireless setup wizard you need to visit solutions.brother.com/windows official link to download latest and updated drivers.
  3. Now enter your Printer model number select your operating system and hit download button.
  4. Double clock on downloaded drivers file and accept license & agreement.
  5. Follow given instruction on screen and select Brother Printer wireless setup wizard.
  6. Press next and check with test Print once setup completed.


: Now you all know about the instructions to install Brother wireless Printer on Windows 10 without CD. If you still have any query about Brother Printer drivers download from solutions.brother.com/windows, then ask your query in below comment section to get answer from experts.

Written by : Edwin

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